Is it FALL yet?

It officially feels like fall is near, I’m drinking pumpkin spice tea as I write this post. While I’m not necessarily ready to break out all the comfy fall sweaters and boots ( especially here in LA ), I am ready to transition my nail polish colors into fall hues. So let’s talk nail polish. What girl doesn’t like her nails manicured? Even just a quick coat of nail polish makes all the difference. OPI and Essie are always my top go-to’s when shopping nail polish, they have the best staying power and really the best colors. Oh, and a little background on my nail polish past, I literally grew up at my mom’s nail salon, Nail Secrets to get specific with the salon name. My mom does all things beauty for a living, and nails happen to be one of them. So seriously, every day after school I would go to the salon, do my homework ( always first thing, very studious ), maybe a mani and pedi on myself, and I was always doing manicures on my girlfriends. I like to think of myself as a self-professed mani and pedi expert. I like my nails done very specifically, and the polish better be on-point! So, here are my top five nail polish colors that I just picked up at Ulta, and I will be wearing on-repeat this FALL 2018 season! I love love love dark polish for fall, it just feels right. Can you tell I’m excited? PS- It’s also fun to mix and match colors on different fingers. I mean, why not? I mixed the colors here to show you girls how each color looks on, but hell, maybe I should just rock this look? Let’s throw a little spice with the fall nails.

Nail Polish Deets:

OPI “YOU DON’T KNOW JACQUES!” (thumb, perfect taupe)

OPI “LINCOLN PARK AFTER DARK” (index finger, always an OG favorite, you need it k?)

ESSIE “BORDEAUX” (middle finger, deep red, HOT)

ESSIE “LIMO-SCENE” (ring finger, milky white, so on-trend)

ESSIE “CARRY ON” (pinky finger, deep plum)

Will you try these nail colors? Comment below if you try similar colors, or I’d love to hear your favorite nail polish for the crisp, comfy, and cozy season of autumn! Happy pumpkin spice season!



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