I shave my face, you don’t?

I shave my face, I admit it. No razor shame here. You may or may not have heard of this ultimate anti-aging tip, it seems to be picking up in popularity. It’s now less taboo for us women to shave our faces. Why? Because it’s EVERYTHING! It’s the best kept skincare secret, in my opinion. I recently listened to a podcast with Kate Somerville, the skincare QUEEN, who highly recommends facial shaving to achieve your best skin. Kate even mentioned that just about all of her A-list clients shave, also known as dermaplaning if we’re getting fancy. Shall we talk the deets?

Before I get into it, let me say this- I don’t shave my face because I have dark facial hair, no no ( and if you do, that’s completely okay! ). It’s actually less about the hair and more about the anti-aging and skin benefits that comes with shaving.

First lets talk anti-aging. Facial shaving is a deep exfoliant for your skin, you’re literally shaving off a layer of dead skin cells and increasing cell turnover, which makes your skin texture more smooth, brighter, and more glowy. Ugh, praise hands.

Second, when you shave your face, your makeup looks beyond, girl! Makeup goes on smooth, you have the youthful, dewy look. Facial shaving creates a smooth canvas for makeup to lay evenly, your skin will look like buttah! You know what they say, your makeup only looks as good as your skin underneath.

Third, shaving your face allows your skincare products to better absorb into the skin. I mean, we spend so much time and money on our skin- between skincare routines, product investments, and facials ( oh and the countless hours in Sephora looking at products ) we want to be sure our products are penetrating as much as possible. I mean, duh!

So here’s a question I know you’re thinking. Does the hair on your face come back thicker and darker? From what I’ve experienced with facial shaving, it’s a NO! The hair comes back just the same, peach fuzz. We’re good there.

The how-to:

You want to pull the skin taut, and shave upward. Shave upward in short strokes. Hold the razor in about a 45 degree angle against your face. After your first couple of shaving strokes, you’re going to be amazed with how much hair is on your razor! It’s one of those oddly gratifying feelings. HA!

Now here’s the thing, after you shave, your skin is going to feel SO naked. Like a feeling your skin has never felt before. This is when you want to apply your serums and then oils to protect your fresh, naked skin AND to get that deep product absorption.

My tips & tricks for dermaplaning:

*Use these Tinkle razors. I buy them off Amazon, they come in a pack of three and they’re really reasonably priced.

*Always use a clean Tinkle, you don’t want to spread around any bacteria ( we’re not trying to get any pimples, k? ).

*Shave about once every two weeks, with little touch up’s here and there. If you shave on dry skin ( which you totally can! ) be sure your skin is freshly washed and extra clean.

*You can also use an oil or shaving cream when shaving your face, don’t douse your face, but just add enough for a bit of a barrier for the skin.

So now I have to know, would you shave your face??? After reading this post, does it seem less taboo? Comment below with your thoughts and definitely let me know if you shave!

As always, thank you for reading, boo!




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