I’m very go-go-go. I love keeping busy, efficient and productive.

What I don’t love? Feeling HANGRY. That said, being prepped for possible situations is KEY. How I do this? I always have my favorite, healthy snacks on rotation. So, I want to share with you girls my recent go-to snacks to get the job done.

All of my snacks are healthy, satisfying, and the best fuel for us busy boss babes. And hey, when you snack smart, you’ll start feeling like a snack yourself. And who doesn’t want that? WIN-WIN.

Let’s talk food, shall we?


garden of life, organic fit bar

I’m beyond obsessed with these protein bars- the peanut butter chocolate flavor is my favorite, and chocolate covered cherry is a close second. 1 gram of sugar and 14 grams of plant protein. No dairy, no gluten, nothing artificial- and it’s organic. A real, clean snack for us busy gals! Yes plz!

celery & peanut butter

I eat peanut butter like it’s going out of style. It’s my shit. I always buy the peanut butter from Trader Joe’s, it has one ingredient- organic peanuts. Be sure to skip on the added sugars and inflammatory oils in your peanut butter, so not necessary. I love to snack on  stalks of celery (also great for reducing bloat) and dip in my PB!

chia pudding 

Who doesn’t love chia pudding? It’s easy, filling, and such a superfood. I eye a portion of chia seeds to a bowl ( I never measure, just eye it! ) and top with almond milk. Then to the fridge it goes and within 20 minutes, pudding is ready. I love to top with unsweetened coconut chips, walnuts, peanut butter (surprise, surprise), and cocoa nibs for a little crunch. And if I’m feeling extra, maybe even some dark chocolate chips.

raw almonds 

I know, not the most sexy snack, but nuts are amazing for boosting energy, and they contain the healthy fats to keep you feeling full! I love raw and unsalted almonds. Quick n’ easy.

protein coffee

This is my latest discovery, and I cannot get enough. Let me explain. I’m a coffee LOVER. maybe even borderline coffee snob, just being honest. I look forward to my hot cup of coffee ( or two ) first thing in the morning. It’s the ritual; the scent, happiness in a cup. Oh, and in the summer, I love my mid-day iced coffee. However, I don’t love the coffee jitters, especially when my day is jam packed. When I have too much coffee, girlfriend get a little crazy.

So… enter the solution. Protein coffee. All I do is add either iced coffee, cold brew, or expresso ( whichever your preference, I prefer the double shot expresso ) to a tall cup of ice, and let the ice dilute the coffee for a few minuets. Then, I pour my favorite vanilla protein drink over the coffee, and add a dash of cinnamon- and VIOLA, protein coffee. Not only does it taste like a vanilla latte, but it now has 10-20 grams of protein (depending on your protein), and very low sugar. I LIVE. The protein in the coffee now lessons the effect of the caffeine on your blood sugar and cortisol hormone, it keeps it more stable and under control.

So YES, that’s my current snack rotation. Snacks that are satisfying, filling, and actually taste delish. It’s important to love ourselves with healthy food choices, your body deserves it! Hoping you gain some inspiration from this post, and if you try any of the suggestions above, be sure to let me know in the comments below or tag me in your snack situation on Instagram! Bye babe!



  1. Thank you for the great health advice, all be looking forward to more post on the topic. Being I’m always looking for healthy products. Pete:)

  2. LOVE these snack ideas!!! We were just talking about Celery and Peanut butter. It has been my go-to for the past week. Basically drinking peanut butter is life.