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Closet staples. I’m definitely an advocate of staple items. You know, a piece you likely invest a bit more into- but you know this item will be on repeat for multiple seasons, as opposed to a trendy piece that’ll be here today and gone tomorrow. Interested in the staple pieces in my closet? Keep reading!

A versatile blouse 

A great blouse is essential, whether you’re petite on top or more busty, you should find the blouse that best works for your shape. Your staple blouse should be a great fit for your body type. I view staple pieces as a bit higher quality when compared to trendy or in-season items, so I allow myself to splurge a bit. A blouse can be paired with so many looks and dressed in so many ways- left out, tucked in, or tied up in a cute knot. It can be paired with jeans for a more casual feel, or with a pencil skirt- so office chic. A blouse is timeless and will always be in style.

The blouse I’m wearing in this post is the perfect staple for two reasons: first, I adore the boyfriend fit, and second, the fabric is so buttery, 100% silk. I’ve worn this blouse on so many occasions, and I always feel so chic and put-together with it on.

good booty jeans

Seriously, game changer. And I’m not talking any pair of jeans; I’m talking about those jeans that make that BOOTY LOOK AH-MAZING. This is a must for every woman! Give a girl the perfect pair of jeans for her body shape- the right cut, fit, and back pocket placement, and you have an instant confidence booster! Every girl has to have a no-fail,  pair of jeans.

slip-on sneakers

Obsessed. First of all, these sneakers couldn’t be any easier to grab as a quick finishing piece to my outfit, especially when I’m in a hurry ( hello no laces! ). But also, these sneakers are a little more fun compared to a workout sneaker- and slightly more of an edge when compared to ballet flats. Slip-on sneakers can be dressed with your go-to jeans, but can also be paired with a colorful sundress for summer! So versatile.

simple jewelry 

I LOVE dainty jewelry. I’d pick a delicate necklace over a huge statement necklace any day, hands down. Why? Because you can layer dainty jewelry with so many other pieces- necklaces, stackable rings, you name it. I think dainty jewelry is so feminine and sexy, it’s absolutely my go to. I love my Jennifer Meyer “loveyou” necklace- perfect by itself or cute with a few layered necklaces.

a staple handbag

I’m a “committed to my handbag” kinda gal. I don’t change my purse according to my outfit- no time for that. So, I’m all about investing in that go-to handbag that’s on repeat for a long while. I love a beautiful black leather handbag because it goes with EVERYTHING. I know it’s not a texture or color I’d get tired of. Your staple bag should be versatile enough to wear daily- yes, even during the sweats and no makeup days ( go on with yo bad self ), yet fabulous enough to take your outfit up a notch when dressing up. The handbag I’m using here is big enough for my overstuffed makeup bag, sunnies, snacks, my planner, and whatever else I may need. I’ve used this bag for years, and I’m still not over it.

What are your staple fashion items?  Let me know in the comments below!



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