“It’s a new season. A perfect opportunity to do something new, something bold, SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL.”

Fall beauty. I like the sound of that. So, just like we change up our wardrobe for autumn, I love including the latest in fall beauty products into my routine. Why not feel that much more fall festive, right? ( Some call it extra, I call it festive, k? )

Several of my favorite beauty brands have released new products for fall, and I’m already obsessed. From skincare infused with pumpkin ( hello brightening ), to darker eyeshadow hues, to hair TLC, I got ya covered with the latest and greatest fall beauty launches of 2018.


Pumpkin is packed with vitamins, fruit enzymes and AHA’s to brighten and smooth the skin. Most potently, pumpkin contains Vitamin A and C, which boosts collagen production and prevent those fine lines. Have you ever had a pumpkin enzyme mask applied during a facial? It’s dreamy, you guys. The pumpkin scent, the slight sting, it’s all so gratifying. A little bougie moment never hurts.


Oh baby. The shades of deep pinks, golds and burgundy, and I LOVE adding a cat eye wing with a heavy eyeshadow look, it’s very Angelina Jolie-ish sexy. Love love!

PS- The ‘Naked Cherry’ collection that Urban Decay is releasing on October 5th is GORGE. That palette is going to be on-repeat this fall, I already know! I will link the palette here once the product is shoppable.


We all know summer takes a toll on our hair. Between the sun, the beach, and color processing lighter for summer, our hair needs some serious TLC. Enter HAIR DETOX. Let’s detox our strands from the wear and tear of the summer and give our hair some love! Charcoal is amazing for binding and pulling toxins ( also, great tip to prevent a hangover, but that’s for a different blog post ). Charcoal infused products are now all the rage, and for good reason. The activated charcoal in the products binds to impurities and draws out the toxins, dirt and product build up without stripping the hair or your precious color. Yes please and thank you!

Also, let’s chat about Oribe for a hot second. I LOVE Oribe products, and their brand new ‘Power Drops’ line just hit stores. The drops provide an intense booster of nutrients to your hair, strengthening and repairing the hair, and protecting color treated hair from fading and discoloring- a post summer hair essential in my routine!

As always, I hope this post gave you a few tips that you can take away and apply to your fall beauty routine! I love connecting with you girls, so if you plan to try any of these products, please comment below and give me the 411. Or even just comment and introduce yourself, I’d love to learn more about my readers. I’m off to enjoy a Friday night-in, maybe a pumpkin mask?




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