Happy new year!

2019 is in full swing, and I have to say, I have the best feeling about this new year. The start of a new year always brings inspiration, motivation and excitement for what’s ahead. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a fresh start. A time to set new goals, set intentions and refine habits for the year ahead.

With that said, I’ve decided to change the whole “new year, new me” situation. Instead of setting broad “resolutions,” I’ve set very specific “goals” ( it’s all in the details, seriously ). And second, I’ve set my new year’s “intentions.”

I’ve learned that when I get really specific with my goals, the goal feels attainable, I know what I’m working toward, what I’m aiming to achieve- down to the last detail. It’s measurable.

And in terms of setting intentions- it’s about refining and fine-tuning habits. You don’t have to rewrite your entire life story with a laundry list of broad resolutions, instead set the “intention” to wake up earlier and consistently practice your morning routine ( one of my intentions ), or maybe you want to implement your workout schedule and stick to it ( another one of mine ). With an intention, be clear about what you want to cultivate in your life, write it down, maybe in your gratitude journal, and make a statement that brings about HOW you will create that change.

Here’s a tip, instead of saying a resolution is “loose 10 pounds” flip the script and set the intention to loose 10 pounds by getting specific with the intention and where it comes from. For example say, “I will treat my body with self-love, self-care and the respect it deserves, and because of that- I’ll loose 10 pounds by doing ( fill in the blank with actionable steps )” Such a difference. It literally goes from a negative feeling to a positive feeling with just changing the approach.

Definitely try setting your 2019 intentions, I’d love to hear your thoughts and progress along the way, girls!

I have so many ideas for 2019 that will bring so much value and all the girl talk to Something Beautiful. I can’t wait to share!

Cheers to 2019 and all the beautiful things coming our way!